Outcast Silver Raiders: Slaves of Ulmaator

Andy Millar

You were born a slave, one of hundreds owned by the Warlock Ulmaator. You were raised in the child-pens by ghost-eyed caretakers, and when you were strong enough to move stones, you were set to work.

The years passed. You watched men and women hauled off as sacrifices to the Warlock’s whims. You waited. You found others, like-minded, unwilling to accept a life of bondage. One night a group of you escaped. You stole a small boat and struck out across the seas.

But Ulmaator summoned something, and it pursued you. A dæmon. It is implacable. Stones bounce from its hide. The foamy saliva that drips from the holes in its tongue melts skin, leather, iron. Its teeth can shear through solid steel. Its rolling eyes are lambent. It feeds on human flesh. It pursued you, caught you, and its strange limbs destroyed your boat.

You washed up here on the shore of this strange land, but you can feel, and you know, beyond a shadow of a doubt: it is coming.

Old Garathol died beneath the waves, but on the journey, they had told you of a ritual to Banish Demons. You must discover that ritual, or be devoured.

Outcast Silver Raiders is a blood-drenched occult medieval roleplaying game in the OSR tradition. It is what the televangelists, the hack investigative journalists, and the grasping Hollywood producers imagined when they caused a satanic panic around RPGs in the eighties. Daemons. Darkness. Sacrifice. Blood spilling over cracked altars in desecrated chapels. Players portray brutal warriors, clever rogues, and conniving sorcerers who reject the barbaric theocracy of medieval society to seek fortune and glory as outcasts beyond the reach of lords or God.

Outcast Silver Raiders
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System Knowledge: 
Not Needed
Dark horror fantasy
Genre Knowledge: 
Not Needed
Role-playing Knowledge: 
Dark OSR horror fantasy
Age / Maturity: 
Mature themes
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