Grand Strategy

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Pax Victoria II

Dillon Burke

Pax Victoria II is a Grand Strategy game for 15 to 25 players. Teams of 3-5 players compete to dominate the oceans, island mines, and the main continent of the planet Victoria, using a mix of World War One era technology. It is a mixture of board gaming and LARP, based on similar games run in both New Zealand and the UK over the last 20 years.

During the game, in the Map Room, teams take turns moving game tokens on a giant map of Victoria, racing against the clock to get as much done as possible, At the same time in the World Room, the other teams are busy trading and engaging in diplomacy. The game will reward players who choose a good strategy, and focus on its successful execution.

Play of the game begins a full week before the convention, with players choosing strategic options that will focus their nation on land or naval forces, economic strength, or perhaps research into the new airforce options. You can probably expect some game related diplomacy at the Friday night drinks.

Pax Victoria I was run at Buckets of Dice 2012. Information about both games can be found at:

An introduction to the grand strategy format and explanation of how the game works can be found here.

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