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Pax Victoria II

Dillon Burke

Pax Victoria II is a Grand Strategy game for 15 to 25 players. Teams of 3-5 players compete to dominate the oceans, island mines, and the main continent of the planet Victoria, using a mix of World War One era technology. It is a mixture of board gaming and LARP, based on similar games run in both New Zealand and the UK over the last 20 years.

During the game, in the Map Room, teams take turns moving game tokens on a giant map of Victoria, racing against the clock to get as much done as possible, At the same time in the World Room, the other teams are busy trading and engaging in diplomacy. The game will reward players who choose a good strategy, and focus on its successful execution.

Play of the game begins a full week before the convention, with players choosing strategic options that will focus their nation on land or naval forces, economic strength, or perhaps research into the new airforce options. You can probably expect some game related diplomacy at the Friday night drinks.

Pax Victoria I was run at Buckets of Dice 2012. Information about both games can be found at:

An introduction to the grand strategy format and explanation of how the game works can be found here.

Home Brew

An Intimate of Devils

Anna Klein

1889. Three decades ago, London was stolen by bats. Dragged deep into the earth by the Echo Bazaar. The sun is gone. All we have is the gas-light of Mr Fires. But life goes on, lit by glowing fungus and candlelight. There are still people in Fallen London. And there are still temptations...

Thieves in the Ninth House

Luke Walker

Ash falls like rain and mists blot out the stars. Skaa slaves live in squalor, languishing beneath the booted heel of oppressive nobility. Savage Steel Inquisitors hunt and slaughter all enemies of the mightiest being in the world, the Lord Ruler. A lucky few have the amazing magical ability to tap the hidden power of metal, flaring brighter and soaring higher than all others.

This is the world of Brandon Sanderson's Mistborn — and you’re about to save it, or die trying.

You are part of a thieving Crew whose services are retained by Hutch, the information broker. The job is simple but not easy: help Amyse Bylerum, daughter of a minor house, escape. She is held by House Urbain, the ninth most powerful house in the Final Empire.

Seems simple enough. But just remember - there is always another secret.

Mistborn Adventure Game

Little Vermin

Donna Giltrap

You are members of the Vermin, a gang of Victorian child thieves. A travelling circus has arrived in town and wherever crowds gather there are rich pickings to be found. Your boss, Mr Fladges, is expecting the evening to prove most profitable. It doesn't do to disappoint Mr Fladges, and he has made it clear that anything less than a shilling each would be most disappointing.

Little Fears

Slayage by Gaslight


Due to popular demand I'm re-running Slayage by Gaslight! And in 2018, it will be Monster of the Week!

On the streets of London the gaslight burns, but in the darkened corners something evil lurks. The number of dead ladies of the night continues to climb. Can the Council’s Slayer get to the bottom of what’s behind it, before the next dead body is someone you know?

Monster of the Week
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