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Fight Or Fright!

Alex MJ

It was never going to be just another Halloween Night. Kitted Out with an impressive homemade costume, you and your friends set out for the school's Halloween Celebration, keen to end the night with the biggest pile of candy imaginable! Suddenly, the night changes - the school's decorations awaken with a strange power, and seem determined to throw the celebrations into chaos! However, that same power seems to have affected you, granting you the powers of your costume inspiration. Now, it's up to you to save your school and find out exactly what's been causing this!

Fight or Fright! is a Halloween RPG about the childhood desire to be someone special, wishing so desperately when you put on a costume to just become that character! You'll have to learn how to use these new abilities, or you might just lose yourself to whatever has caused these powers to emerge! The game is played with a simple shifting dice pool system, and no system knowledge is required. We'll start by creating some simple characters, and get into a short scenario based on the description above.

Intended to be spooky and fun, rather than horrifying, Fight or Fright is a Halloween Game for those of us who love spooky season, and love playing pretend. This game is actively being playtested, so there may be a few bumps along the road. But if you want to suit up as your favourite character and smash some awakened decorations, this might be the game for you!

Fight or Fright!

Shiny Man

Michael Foster

The myth of the Shiny Man dates back almost to the beginning of New Mexico as a state. Where his face should be is a cold, shining light which freezes you on the spot and with his scaly hands the Shiny Man snatches up unwary children to put in his bottomless pockets.

Now it appears the Shiny Man has turned his malignant gaze upon the sleepy town of Grantsville, with reported sightings all over the place and local kids behaving oddly. But in reality it's probably just the recent news reports of a serial killer operating in the area which is fuelling the rumours, right?

Content warning: Best avoided if you're in anyway squeamish about bad things happening to children.

Grantsville light
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