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CATaclysm: The Crown of Clawford

Amanda Moffatt

The Setting:
The time of hoomans is long gone, leaving behind evolved cats that live in cities of their own making as the alpha species. Mommy Nurtur has bestowed upon the cats the ability to wield Meowgic as well as mundane weapons, stand upright on their hind legs, and wear the latest fashions. The world's cities are now comfortable and full of catnip, although there is still plenty of adventure to find in the great outdoors - especially around the ancient ruins full of dangerous Miasma that feed the vile rats, toads, snakes, and other villains.

The Game:
Players will each be playing a pre-made character that is part of the inner circle of King Clawdius IV in the great city of Clawford; sent on a mission into the wilds to retrieve something very precious to him that has been stolen. It is not a task he feels he can entrust to anyone else.

The System:
CATaclysm is an RPG that utilises a single d10 for any action that has a chance of failure. Health is tracked by a colour coded dial with four phases - Healthy, Stressed, Injured, and Dead. As the characters will be cats, Death is only temporary... until you've used up your ninth life! Puns will be encouraged and welcomed.

CATaclysm RPG

Another one bites the Crust (larp)

Nik C

A producer has drawn the best living TV food personalities to make an “ultimate showdown” of tv food related personalities. Some are new, some are old hands - but will they band together against the toxic forces of reality tv or boil over in the pressure cooker of life in the public eye?

Who will end up on the chopping block? Who will get their own better and brighter TV deal? What scandals will sink their chances faster than a souffle?

Warning:swearing, adult themes, and spray on whipped cream. Written by someone who learned everything about the fine art of cuisine from TV.

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