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Another one bites the Crust (larp)

Nik C

A producer has drawn the best living TV food personalities to make an “ultimate showdown” of tv food related personalities. Some are new, some are old hands - but will they band together against the toxic forces of reality tv or boil over in the pressure cooker of life in the public eye?

Who will end up on the chopping block? Who will get their own better and brighter TV deal? What scandals will sink their chances faster than a souffle?

Warning:swearing, adult themes, and spray on whipped cream. Written by someone who learned everything about the fine art of cuisine from TV.


LARP: Stella Somnia

Sarah Daymond

You, dear one, are a student of the greatest spiritualist who has ever lived.
Under your master's tutelage, you have learned how to travel the roads of the heavens and open your heart to the voices of the dead.
You have witnessed the darkest secrets of the rich and powerful.
You have been a herald of the lost and a comfort to the found.
However, your talent has made you bitter. You squabble with your fellow students in a vain attempt to come first in your master's eyes.
Tonight you will prove that you are the best of your master's students, or you will lose yourself in the trying.

In short: it’s Mean Girls: the LARP, but with seances and astral projection instead of parties and burn books.


Role for Initiative

Campbell Wright

Do you love Critical Role? Chain of Acheron? Acquisitions Incorporated? Or perhaps you prefer live shows such as D&D Live at BATS theatre, Dungeons and Comedians, or the live Fate of Isen show? Do you ever watch these shows and think: "This is great, but I want to be the one on stage playing D&D!" Well look no further than Role for Initiative, the experimental live D&D show where you play the heroes, the monsters, AND the villains! Somewhere between a LARP, an Improv Comedy Show, and Live D&D, Role for Initiative takes a well known format and twists it for the stage. Instead of watching a D&D show, you'll be playing in it, and instead of rolling dice, you may find yourself throwing them...

Role for Initiative is currently a show/format in progress. Games run as part of KapCon will be experimental and used to test the format of the show for performance as part of the New Zealand Fringe Festival. While I am facilitating the show, and will try to keep it audience appropriate, due to the improvised nature and audience participation, the show could contain some potential triggering content and may not be appropriate for younger audiences.


LARP: Madame Macavity's Witchcraft Academy

Lee Patrick

Madame Macavity's Witchcraft Academy is the preeminent educational establishment for the discerning young witch or wizard. All students are instructed in the essential skills of witchcraft, as well as manners, deportment, and behaviour befitting a member of the upper classes. Safety standards are the highest of any boarding school in the country, magical or otherwise; accidents are almost unheard of, and both teachers and students may experiment with their magical abilities in safety and comfort.

So it's somewhat embarrassing, to say the least, that the entire staff and student body appear to have lost their memories.

It's up to the assorted teachers and students of Madame Macavity's to sort out who they are, what's going on, and what exactly they're going to do about it.


Vampires on a Train


You are an ancient and powerful Vampire of great renown and prestige. You are travelling to VampireCon, a gathering held every fifty years in the town of Tumblewold. You are taking the overnight train (to protect your delicate complexion), and have booked a first class ticket, as befits your wealth and status.

Unfortunately, instead of a feast of upper class mortals, this train car is occupied by several other vampires who had the same idea, every single one of whom are ingrates and vagabonds.


Casablanca II: The Legend of Curly's Gold

Michael Foster

Everybody comes to Rick’s, they say. But the nobodies, they go to the Blue Parrot Cafe. When Captain Renault gives the order to ‘round up the usual suspects’ he’s probably referring to you. Of course, the ultimate goal of every foreigner in Casablanca is to get passage out, to Lisbon and on, America if you’re lucky. Unfortunately, passage costs money, which you haven’t got.
But now you’ve stumbled on a big score, a huge haul of gold, said to be from the fabled fortune of Mansa Musa himself, the richest man who ever lived.
And it’s out there in the desert, just waiting for you to come and get it.


Planet Mercenary

William Huggins

Strada Alta Chapter 5: Too Good to be True

Chance has presented you with an opportunity to acquire some extremely valuable information, currently in the head of a ‘Doctor’ going by the name of Harlequin. Harlequin is currently trapped in a war zone on the planet Ulbacka, but for mercenaries a war zone means profit.

You have a contract for your new fleet to assist the democratically elected government of Ulbacka, the IUU, with the last stage of their civil war to take control of their world. The opposition are the Ulbacka Royal Family who have been strip mining the planet for their own profit. Based on your intel the contract fits well within your operational parameters, it will make for excellent publicity, and it’s very well paid. Once it’s complete pulling Harlequin out of the capital will be trivial.

You couldn’t hope for a better shake down run for the fleet.


“Travel the Galaxy! Meet Fascinating New Life Forms, Then Kill Them!”

Set in the universe of the long running webcomic Schlock Mercenary, Planet Mercenary is a fast paced and hopefully humorous game about trying to make money by shooting people, or in this case via a major military operation to wrest control of an entire world from some pretty awful folk.

Knowledge of the game system or previous chapters is not needed, knowledge of the comic is a bonus!

Planet Mercenary 3d6 Mayhem

Three goblins in a trenchcoat: The north pole

Bridget Hughes

You're goblins, sneaky, smelly goblins. You lie, you cheat, and you have a mission.

Christmas has just passed, and there's a labour dispute at the North Pole. The leader of your clan sees an opportunity to get in at the ground floor. Whether you're there as union busters, applying for a job, or just swiping whatever you can and setting the place on fire as you leave, is up to you.

This is a slightly modified version of the game "3 goblins in a trenchcoat" By Daniel Rodriguez. It's super rules light, there's no prep needed, and you get to wander around being goblins in (and out of) a trench coat, fooling those stoopid hoomans and elves.

While I don't forsee there being many triggering themes, we'll be using lines and veils and the X card in this game.

3 Goblins in a trench coat

Supers Anonymous

Bridget Hughes

It is a time of superheroes. Paragons of strength, justice, and freedom patrol the skies seeking to stop evil in it's tracks. The guild of heroes is organised into strings. The A string deals with planet wide threats, the B string deals with national threats, the C string deals with more localised threats and so on. The guild of heroes provides training, regulation, lawyers, makeup, and PR for heroes so they can focus on being beacons of virtue (and getting great endorsement deals)

But not every super is a hero, and not every power is wonderful. You are the G string: Supers with powers (or personalities) too strange, unstable, or ridiculous to be allowed to wander around loose, but who haven't done enough wrong that they can lock you up (yet).

The jerks at the guild would rather you didn't exist. They'd have you fetching coffee if there wasn't a solid chance you'd blow it up, so you've been banished to some backwater city. Your secret base is a janitors cupboard, and your companions are the residents of a retirement home that isn't all it seems. Maybe you want to prove yourself and rise in the ranks, maybe it was this or jail, maybe you have a score to settle, or maybe you just took a wrong turn and no one's told you what's going on yet.

This game leans heavy into the tropes, the more ridiculous the better. The goal isn't to win so much as to be as bizarre as possible while doing it.

We will be using lines and veils, and the X card. Pregens will be provided, but some customisation (as time allows) can be done. We may deal with themes including addiction, (comedic) nudity, and mental health, but this will be discussed before the game starts and we'll rule out themes that folks are uncomfortable with.


Reality TV

Bridget Hughes

A group of strangers compete for fabulous prizes on a reality TV show. Alliances will form, tensions will flare, bonds will be broken, heads will roll - Wait, what?

A modern fantasy/horror game that leans into the tropes. Plenty of room for comedy too. The object isn't to win the game so much as to play out the shenanigans, try to survive, or die amusingly trying.

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