Out of the dust storm emerges the ancient wreck of a prime mover and fuel tanker.
It is partly charred, its wheels and sides studded with metal crossbow bolts.
Kapcon XIV - The Big Ten-Four
Wellington's Annual Roleplaying Convention - 22nd & 23rd January, 2005

KapCon XIV - the Big Ten-Four

KapCon is New Zealand's biggest and most regular annual role-playing convention, and is held in New Zealand's Kapital city (Wellington) over Wellington Anniversary weekend each year.

For KapCon XIV in 2005 this will be Saturday 22nd and Sunday 23rd of January. Monday 24th is a statutory holiday for Wellington workers and can be used for recovery.

KapCon is always trying to encourage people to run games for us. Go here to find out what you need to know! If you need a copy of the KapCon Flyer click here.

Tuesday May 13, 2003 - 22:15 PM NZST

If you're interested in seeing the sort of things we've got up to at KapCon in previous years, please come and visit our archive.

Sunday, August 1 2004 - 209:14 PM NZST
Other New Zealand Roleplaying Conventions

KapCon encourages you to support other New Zealand roleplaying conventions as well, especially if they are in your home town! Here are those we know are coming up at present:

  • Battle-Cry 2005
    BattleCry 2005 will be held on the 19th and 20th of February at the Freemans Bay Community Centre, Hepburn St in Auckland. In addition to roleplaying and a Mage LARP, it will also include wargaming, Blood Bowl, Jyhad. MtG, and a demo for Mordavia LARP. Cost is $20 for AMERICA members and pre-registered players, or $25 for the weekend.
Monday, February 9 2004 - 19:14 PM NZDT
New Zealand Roleplaying

If you're interested in looking for players, games, or just chatting about roleplaying, here's a list of useful links:

  • RPG Central
    RPG Central is a resource for those roleplaying in NZ, and specifically Wellington.
  • New Zealand Roleplaying Game Association
    The NZRPGA is a resource for those roleplaying in NZ, primarily focused on Auckland.
  • Roleplaying Game Association - South West Pacific
    The RPGA-SWP is the "local" branch of TSR's (now Wizards of the Coast) house fan club.
    The Wellington Area Roleplaying Ganee Society NZRPGA.
  • SAGA
    The University of Canterbuty Roleplaying Club (Christchurch)
  • OURS
    The Otago University Roleplaying Society (Dunedin)
  • AU-RPG
    The Auckland University Roleplaying Game Club (Auckland)
  • Idiot's NZ Gaming Links Page
    Another good source of info, and proably more up to date than this page too, as Idiot aways keeps his finger on the pulse of New Zealand roleplaying.