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Yes, there will be T-shirts, available in black and white and costign $23 - $26 depending on the number of orders (more orders = cheaper). If you want one, email kapcon@gmail.com with your size and colour. Orders must be received by January 7th, and the shirts will be distributed at the con.

Big Trouble in Little Freesboro

Luke Walker

Mayor's Log. Star date Six Monkey Slap Slap.

A matter of national security has arisen in Freesboro. Strange lights, explosions and sounds have been seen on the horizon toward the ancient site known as Medcen Park. I fear for our future.

When fear, explosions and strangeness are rife I can think only of one solution - the Alpha Mutants. Paula be praised they can help us before it is too late.

Based on the Gamma World Game Day scenario "Trouble in Freesboro"

Gamma World D&D4e


We're using the same game description format as we have for previous years.

First Round Games

The following games are confirmed as part of the first round. A * indicates that this game is fully subscribed in the first round. Please don't be disappointed if you miss out on a particular game in the first round, many of these games will be run again over the weekend.

Second Round Games

The following games are confirmed as part of the second round. A *indicates that this game is fully subscribed in the second round.

Other Games

Refer to the timetable for when these games will be run.

There will be RPGA sponsored games, including:

We will also be hosting HarnCon, a subcon devoted to the Harn setting:

Late-night Games

There will be some games run informally on Saturday evening for those whoa re not playing the larp. Contact the relevant facilitator for further information:


Alasdair Sinclair

Vito's been shot. His blood splatters your faces and hands as you apply pressure, desperate for the Capofamiglia to hold on just a bit longer, until the ambulance can get here. The gunmen were well armed, and well informed, hitting him leaving his private apartment on the way to the sit-down: there was nothing you could do. It was lucky that more of you weren't caught in the flying death.

The sirens approach, but his blood covers the curb, his breath is ragged. Vito is gone.

The king is dead, and your enemies will act swiftly. Some for power, some for revenge, some simply seeking to take what's yours. Tonight a wave of blood and retribution will flow into the streets, and the new king will be coronated in blood.

- This is a non-linear game with no pre-determined outcomes or plot path: the decisions the characters make will determine entirely what happens in the game.
- Characters will be partly player generated via a short targeted questionnaire, to isolate the possibilities of most interest in this situation
- Intra-party conflict is expected, as those with different agendas determine who's way is right, and who will be left bleeding

A Dirty World
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