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EAGLE COMIC: Tops in Photo Stories!

Morgan Davie

British kids adventure comic EAGLE from the 1950s was revived in the early '80s with a mix of drawn stories and stories made using the Italian "fumetti" style, with posed photographs of actors.

In this game, YOU will get to be the heroes of these photo-stories. You can be a deadly assassin, an undercover cop, a schoolkid who likes playing football! You'll learn all you need to know at the game.

I'm running this with a very easy-to-learn homebrew system. WARNING: you will be photographed when you play this game. You'll get bonus dice for posing for an action shot! (Photos will not be shared without permission, of course.)

Also I have no idea how this game is going to end so that will be fun for all of us.


Love Story

Michael Foster

It is the 1980s in Britain, Thatcher is more popular than ever thanks to her little adventure in the Falklands and life on the streets is grim. But Shraky, Don and Sunny Boy have chosen one way out, working as enforcers for crime kingpin Harry King. They're a tight crew with ambition and things are looking up when they're ordered to look into a series of attacks on Harry's business, Except now their unity is under threat when it's most needed, because one of them's in love...

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