KapCon XXI

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Its a wrap

KapCon XXI is done and dusted! A lot of games, a fantastic flagship larp, and a lot of happy gamers. I haven't got final stats yet, but I'll be posting them there once I've crunched the numbers.

If you have any feedback, or want to share your stories of KapCon, there's an NZRaG forum. We'll be paying close attention to work out how to improve your con experience, and we've had a number of good suggestions emerge already.

And of course we'll be back, same time, same place next year. Hopefully I'll see you all then.

Terror in Turangi

Sophie Melchior

Boatees dragged from their boats. Tourists vanishing whilst tramping in National Park. Pets missing from back yards. To most people a series of unrelated events, but to the Department of Conservation: Special Investigations Unit something seems off.

You have been sent to Turangi to investigate. What will you find lurking beneath the Central Plateau?

Find out in... TERROR IN TURANGI.

This game is surge protectionand may not run.

Monster of the Week

Silence of Graia

Jon Ball

Graia is a foundry world that produces Hellhound tanks for the Imperial Guard. Ten days ago an electrical storm formed over the main factory there and communication was lost. The next day a garbled message came through which suggested something sinister was going on underneath the veil of the storm. An Imperial Guard company was dispatched to the factory, but were knocked out of the sky by the storm. Another unit landed outside the storm and made their way in on the ground, but nothing has been heard from them. As the storm grows, the authorities believe a malevolent presence is behind it. Rather than let their factories be used by the forces of Chaos, they prepare to nuke the site from orbit. You are the last attempt to find out what is happening on Graia. Can you save the planet (and yourselves) from the darkness that lurks there?

Set in the Warhammer 40,000 universe, The Silence of Graia is an adventure using the Dark Heresy system. In a dystopian future where mankind must fight for survive in the darkness of the universe, the players take on the roles of investigators into what has happened on Graia.

Dark Heresy


Yes, there will be T-shirts this year! Here's the preliminary design:

We're currently getting costs, and running a poll on NZRaG to see how much people are willing to pay; if the costs are too high, then we will fall back to the main design (currently on the back) being on the front. So, please fill out the poll and let us know.

Hopefully we can take orders next week.

Jumping the Sharky

Mike Foster

The Boss is laid up in hospital, his right hand man on the run and his best men scattered far and wide. Someone's putting the pressure on and there's no time or chance for a gathering to plan their counterattack. But the distance separating them may yet prove their greatest strength, as each man is able to carry out his part of the plan unnoticed while the enemy thinks they're too scattered and distant to be a threat. Of course, communication is key so that every member of the team knows exactly what he has to do, but in this technological age long distance isn't the problem it used to be.

NB: There will some elements of "shared narrative" indie gaming carry-on as all character interaction will take place in the form of telephone conversations (feel free to supply your own props) and action will occur "off-camera" with the participants narrating the outcome afterwards.

homebrew indie stylez

Silent Night


It’s Christmas time in old London town. Snow drifts slowly down to the cobbled streets. Shoppers jostle before brightly lit shop-windows while a steady stream of coaches clatter past. On every corner urchins and scallywags ply the kind or gullible for pennies, while the aroma of roasting chestnuts hangs thick in the air.

It is the Year of Our Lord Eighteen Hundred and Ninety and you have gathered together with your family to celebrate the festive season. However, even as you hang garland, and decorate the tree, you sense that this Christmas will not be like any other…

Silent Night is a character driven, Victorian Christmas adventure. Players will be asked to contribute to character backgrounds and collaborate on some scene framing as needed.



Love Story

Michael Foster

It is the 1980s in Britain, Thatcher is more popular than ever thanks to her little adventure in the Falklands and life on the streets is grim. But Shraky, Don and Sunny Boy have chosen one way out, working as enforcers for crime kingpin Harry King. They're a tight crew with ambition and things are looking up when they're ordered to look into a series of attacks on Harry's business, Except now their unity is under threat when it's most needed, because one of them's in love...


Burying the Hatchet

Michael Foster

The London criminal underworld is ruled with an iron fist (wearing knuckle dusters) by Neil "Sharky" Baxter and all has been peaceful in his realm since he put an end to his arch-rival Vince "the Hatchet" Carver in a fiery conflagaration. But now someone is stirring up trouble and rumour on the street is that the Hatchet is back for revenge.
It's up to Sharky's top men; Don and his hand-picked gang of nutters Kev, Desmond, Lance and Weasel; to embark on a head-stomping, finger-crunching, face-searing orgy of violence to discover the truth and finally bury the Hatchet!


The Archmage's Crown


For nearly a century the necromancers of the Ebon Tower have plotted the fall of Arlandia. For nearly a century they have schemed their evil schemes and planned their evil plans. For nearly a century, they have been ruled over by a succession of Archmages, each aided by the power of a mystical crown. The crown grants power, and bonds instantly with its wearer. Whenever an Archmage dies, whoever first bonds with the Archmage's crown becomes the new Archmage.

Now the Archmage is dead, and a new one must be chosen. Who shall be the next wearer of the Archmage's Crown?

A Pratchettesque comedy-fantasy by Donna Giltrap, first run at KapCon XI. People who have played "The Golden Pegasus" and "Graduation day" may find some setting elements familiar.

Freeform / BURP
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