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LARP: Bad Dreams: Purgatory

Ivan Essin

Written by Ivan (Vanya) Essin, Gareth Sandford, Robert Birtles-Crute, Porl Bowdler

Three years ago, a wealthy, upper class recluse was found dead. Albert Tenneford Trismegistus died of natural causes, a heart attack, could happen to anyone, especially at such an old age. But you don't believe that for a second now do you? Guilt, you either have it or you don't, and I'm not talking about the type of guilt that you feel, I'm talking about the guilt that binds one person to another. The type that no therapy can ever free you from.

So as you take your final breath in this world, answer me these questions. Are you afraid? Is your soul clean? Surely it might scare you just a little that it might matter?

Escaping responsibility is easy in our world. Now open your eyes, see how easy it is in the next.

Bad Dreams is a supernatural horror larp, with emphasis on heavy roleplaying above all else. Please be advised the game contains highly mature and offensive content.

Cast List

The Second Wife Female
The Butler Male
The Hitman Male
The Daughter Female
The Male Lover Male
The Female Lover Female
TheCop Female
The Doctor female

Costuming Requirements
Casual modern - role appropriate costumng appreciated but not necessary (i.e. a doctor's coat). Variable makeup for way of death appreciated, up to the player..


Backstage at High Fructose

Stephanie Cybart

High Fructose is the music festival that any band that's anything on the music-that's-only-cool-if-too-many-people-haven't-heard-of-it circuit would sacrifice their favourite vintage leather jackets to play in. This year's headlining acts are lo-fi gods Hive Engine and twee pop darlings The Penny Dreadfuls, and the event's had its highest turnout yet- Several extra Nebraska cornfields had to be bulldozed just to contain the crowds.

Unfortunately, the headlining bands' long-standing rivalry has come to a head. Hive Engine's guitarist stole the Penny Dreadful's drummer's drugs, or The Penny Dreadful's maraca player slept with Hive Engine's bassist's boyfriend, or something equally stupid. No one's really sure what happened -partly due to both bands' willingness to let unfounded accusations about the other fly- but the important thing is that both Hive Engine and The Penny Dreadfuls have announced their refusal to go on unless the other agrees to drop out of the festival.

As a last resort, the event manager has ordered everyone to sit down and settle their differences. Whether it's through respectful negotiation or the result of a booze-fuelled stupor isn't important- There are only three hours to go, and if this doesn't get sorted out the media will pounce on the train wreck that's sure to ensue and ensure that High Fructose becomes the festival that everyone's heard of- For entirely the wrong reasons.


LARP: Hell is Other People

Michael Foster

On a cold and snowy night in the year 2213 eight very dangerous individuals gather in a bar, in the city of Baumgartner on the planet of Magellan.
Why are they there? Who are they? What connects them? And just who is the guy with the duck head?

Tonight, these questions will be answered, but possibly not to everyones liking.

This is a SF themed game, set in THE FUTURE!

freeform LARP

LARP: Betrothals & Betrayals

Viveka Nylund

Lady Bathurst has invited a number of eligible young ladies and gentleman to stay at Albion Hall, in the hope of finding a suitable match for her only daughter. However, behind the polite conversation and pleasant surroundings lurks many a dark secret and hidden agenda...

This game was written by Donna Giltrap for Chimera 2010. A cast-list is available here.

Rock paper scissors

LARP: The Wreck of the Philemon

Russ Kale

As a member of the Philemon's noble crew, you've survived all kinds of inane shenanigans at the hands of that cruel mistress, space. You've stared down bounty hunters, fought robot uprisings, and navigated through the inky blackness. Most importantly, you've got enough stories to write a bestselling autobiography.

Unfortunately, your luck has run out, and you've found yourself crash-landed on a Tien-forsaken asteroid somewhere in the far reaches of the universe. Your ship's oxygen filters are compromised, and there's only a matter of time before your saga draws to a close. Two hours, to be precise.

Let's face it, there's no point in being noble any more. There's only a few things worth doing at this stage, and they're all designed to give you a short burst of meaningful happiness.
After all, it's not like your passionate outbursts could make the situation any worse, right?


Eridanus Rising

Ellen Boucher

The fantastically wealthy and eccentric Henry Delacroix is throwing his sixtieth birthday party in his vacation home in Antarctica, inviting the handful of associates who can actually stand to be around him. That night, old crimes will resurface and fallen souls will rise in rebellion. Isolated from the rest of the world, the guests must untangle the old man’s life and his disturbing theology in order to take sides in a cosmic battle. Their successes and failures will decide the fate of the gods and the future of the world.

A LARP with some very disturbing, adult themes from Shifting Forest Storyworks.


The Discarded


In 2172 AD the most repulsive mutant horrors were expelled from earth. For 14 long lonely years, you, the dribbling, infected, creatures of nightmare have been doomed to wander the solar system in a rusty shell of a space ship – The Kalistrate. No refuge to be found on any of the terra-formed planets. No place to call home.
In a society seeking the ultimate in physical beauty, what becomes of those who are less than perfect? A challenging role-play set in the future, confronting the roles of beauty and humanity.
Costuming: This is very open. There is one common theme: All characters have physical mutations of some kind.
This has NOT been designed as a combat game.



Anna Klein

Desperate times, desperate measures. Down on ratings, down on funding, slowing slipping off the airwaves and into oblivion, an ailing television network launched its final gambit: a pressure-cooker reality TV show where the contenders for the grand prize have to spend three months living on a submarine, deep under the ocean.

It's been three long months of claustrophobic life in the submarine for contenders and crew alike. For the contenders, it's been a non-stop barrage of interpersonal conflicts, hoops to jump and psychological mind games for the world's entertainment. For the crew, it's been life under the network's sword of damocles. In the tiny confines of the underwater vessel, everyone knew that the pay off is the prize, all else must simply be endured. It has been three long months of gritted teeth and thinking of the money at the end, if only it's all a success.

And now, at last, it's all over. With the last of the crew and only three contenders left on board, the winner has just been announced and filming has wrapped. The cameras are off, the submarine has begun its ascent and in just three hours, you're free. There's only three more hours to endure.

Argonautica is intended as a intense, experimental larp dealing with mature themes and some horror elements.


The Difficult Life of the Costumed Henchman

Brooklynne Kennedy

Most villains have them: themed, costumed henchmen who aid them with their fiendish heists and dastardly plans. They may appear faceless behind their masks, but those henchmen have lives, too. And their lives are can be difficult. They have to put up with crusading heroes, the cackling madmen who employ them and poor working conditions. It's tough work, for which they get little respect. Something has to be done about this! It's time for the costumed henchmen to unionize.

Tonight select henchmen in the employ of the city's most prominent villains have gathered to decide how they should proceed, and what collective demands they will make to their employers. Will be the start of a new era? Or, like those of so many villains, will their plans be foiled?

The Difficult Life of the Costumed Henchman takes place in a pretty typical supers universe. That is, it is a world very much like our own—except that there are superheroes, supervillains and, of course, those supervillains tend to have squads of costumed henchmen to do their bidding.

There may be a whole world out there, but this game is primarily concerned with what is going on in the City.

The City is a typical shining American metropolis. It's got a thriving business district downtown. It's surrounded by a score of comfortably middle class nearly-identical suburbs. And it's got its own daily newspaper, TV station and inspiring bloggers. But more importantly, it is home to a number colorful of superheroes and supervillains.


Kin is less than kind

Sophie M

Latimer and Latimer, Attorneys at Law
Level 38
100 E 79th Street, New York

To whom it may concern,

You are receiving this letter as you have been mentioned in the Last Will and Testament of Henri MARKDEN.

Mr Markden passed away three weeks ago from a heart attack at his home. As his lawyers we have been given strict instructions as to how the Will is to be read. Each of you will receive a personal message from the late Mr Markden, before the Will is read.

Please ensure you are present at our offices on January 21st 2012 to ensure your part of Mr Markden’s will can be appropriately transferred.

Juliet Latimer, partner

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