Pulp adventure!

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TORG Day 1: The Nile Empire

Alasdair Sinclair

TORG is a game of the near now, a world of action and high octane adventure. In the near now, other realities have invaded ours, changing the rules, changing the aesthetic, changing everything in fact.

This is an introductory scenario for the game, set in the Pulp-inspired Nile Empire on the first day of the invasion. The players will take on the roles of ordinary citizens who suddenly find themselves confronted by shock troopers and pulp villains. There are pulp henchmen, guns, secret tunnels, airships, gadgets, and an evil mastermind behind it all. Will our characters rise to the challenge and become heroes? Of course they will!


The Three Rocketeers

Paul Wilson


Journey through the Holy Roman Stellar Empire and the worlds of Britannica Solaria in this Swashbuckling Adventure!
The Queen’s enemies may have disbanded the Rocketeers, but duty cannot be set aside so easily.

A deadly cabal of nobles and clergy threaten to usurp Her Majesty Queen Marie-Hélène’s throne and hand Gallia over to Pope Regulus IV, and the Rocketeers now work from the shadows to protect the queen from threats both foreign and domestic. Foreign spies and papal agents lurk in every shadow as the trap draws ever closer.

A laser-sharp blade and even sharper wits will serve you well as interstellar powers play the game of puppets and shadows. The fate of the crown is in your hands.

Join forces in this planetary romance adventure inspired by the adventures of the three musketeers.

Fate Core
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