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Call of the Deep


This trip was just supposed to be a nice break from the stress of University. It wasn't supposed to end like this. It was just a stupid abandoned Manor, there surely wouldn't be anything actually dangerous there. Right?

You are a group of Uni friends, on a remote trip away, and you've made the potentially fool-hardy decision to explore an abandoned seaside manor. What was supposed to be a fun romp, turns into a nightmare, as something stalks the halls, and mysteries lie within every room and hallway. Will you escape? And if you do, will you be the same person who entered?

This is a Homebrewed Dread game. The Dread system uses a Jenga tower instead of dice, with each action being a "Pull" of the tower. As such this game requires a level of manual dexterity. Otherwise, it is heavily narrative and RP focused.

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