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Call of the Deep


This trip was just supposed to be a nice break from the stress of University. It wasn't supposed to end like this. It was just a stupid abandoned Manor, there surely wouldn't be anything actually dangerous there. Right?

You are a group of Uni friends, on a remote trip away, and you've made the potentially fool-hardy decision to explore an abandoned seaside manor. What was supposed to be a fun romp, turns into a nightmare, as something stalks the halls, and mysteries lie within every room and hallway. Will you escape? And if you do, will you be the same person who entered?

This is a Homebrewed Dread game. The Dread system uses a Jenga tower instead of dice, with each action being a "Pull" of the tower. As such this game requires a level of manual dexterity. Otherwise, it is heavily narrative and RP focused.


It Ain't Easy Being Gilled

Anna Klein

Remember high school? All the angst, the drama, the rebellion, the gossip, the crushes, the homework, the exams, scholarships, careers, family obligations, fashion, music, and being very misunderstood?

It's no different when you're a student at Innsmouth High School. Well, all right, maybe it's a little different - maybe in other towns they don't go skinny dipping at Devil's Reef, maybe other teenagers don't have arranged marriages with Deep Ones to worry about and maybe other teenagers don't have to worry about how their gills look with the latest looks in Cosmo. But other than that, it's not much different being a teenager in a decaying town trapped in an ongoing alliance with a race of underwater monsters.

A group of ten friends are having a small party to celebrate their graduation - to reflect on the last few years, to talk about the future, and maybe resolve some of those unresolved feuds or unspoken crushes.

A comedy larp for ten players. As they say at Innsmouth High - it's only funny until someone gets sacrificed to Dagon. Then it's HILARIOUS.


The Grand Providence Hotel

Donna Giltrap

New York, 1900. The Grand Providence Hotel is a majestic building that provides high-class accommodation to the discerning guest. Just don't mind the non-Euclidean geometry, or the Thing under the bed.

Monsters and Other Childish Things
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