Cosmic Horror

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A Simple Retrieval

Martijn Verbirg [karianna]

Your squad has recently graduated from the Elvish Imperial Navy Marine Corp, the Empire's Elite! Your first mission is to retrieve a communique from the fast picket “Death Becomes Her” in the Mors system. Upon entering the Mors shellspace, sailors on your lumbering Man o’ War start to nervously spin tales about lost ships and entire crews going mad. Pffft, that’s just typical Navy talk to scare the new recruits! There’s nothing to fear for you, the Navy’s elite marines – long live the Empress, OORAH!*

*There will be a 5-10 minutes Session 0 to make sure players are comfortable with the material (horror theme)

Dungeons and Dragons 5ed

Call of Cthulhu : The Haunting

Tim Crow

Boston, Massachusetts, 1920. A team of professional and amateur detectives have volunteered for the task of looking into a 'haunted' house. The pay is good, $20 a day each, and well, it'll all be sorted out with something simple.

Or so we all hope.

Call of Cthulhu is the Cosmic Horror role playing game placing players as normal people in a normal world with small, local problems. But investigation leads to discovery, and discovery leads to more mystery, as stranger and more difficult to reconcile things are experienced, the investigators question their beliefs and their very sanity.

The Haunting is the senario included with the quick start rules for 7th ed Call of Cthulhu, but no game knowledge is needed, as it's explicitly for new players.

You will need a set of roleplaying dice, pencils and notepaper. As a horror game we will be using safety tools of Lines and Veils and X Card.

Call of Cthulhu
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