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Experimental Error

Karen Wilson

You're excited to be the first research team to move into the new Salinger Building, but moving labs kind of sucks. It's tricky getting experiments to work in the new lab. There seem to be some teething problems with the building systems: lights flickering; brown-outs wreaking havoc with your sensitive equipment. You reckon the Megadairy corp lab on the top floor is hogging all the power. Their lights NEVER go out, even in the middle of the night. At least, not until the night of the blackout.

Monster of the Week

Beautiful Corpses

Brooklynne Kennedy

Women are being found mysteriously killed all over the city and no one know how they have been killed. They are found dead in their beds or at their desks. Something is fishy about these deaths something... supernatural! Lucky for you and your group of friends you are well versed in fishy and supernatural. Now all you have to do is catch whatever is doing this before they catch you and try not to be arrested in the process.

This is a game I've written using the Monster of the Week system, It's an easy system to understand so people who have no experience are welcome to play.

Monster Of The Week
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