Planet Mercenary: Strada Alta Chapter 4: Can you ever truly leave the family?

Will Huggins

The media circus following your unprecedented success on Khilosh has finally begun to die down and you have all begun the daunting task of trying to upscale your personnel to match your new fleet. Naturally it’s at this delicate time that your past returns to haunt you, with a desperate request from your uncle. He wishes to retire, and he needs an escort away from the remote mining operation he’s managed on behalf of the family for nearly two decades. The media will whip themselves into a frenzy at the very idea of you all becoming involved in family business again, but he was the only one who supported you when you wanted out and you owe him.
All you need to do is show up with enough firepower to deter his opponents without spooking them so you can get Uncle Vasso and his immediate family off the mining station with their fortune and without anyone getting shot on either side because you don’t want a family feud…. without the media finding out. What could go wrong?
“Travel the Galaxy! Meet Fascinating New Life Forms, Then Kill Them!”
Set in the universe of the long running webcomic Schlock Mercenary, Planet Mercenary is a fast paced and hopefully humorous game about trying to make money by shooting people but in this instance your job is to minimise the chaos. Good luck with that.
Knowledge of the game system is not needed, knowledge of the comic is a bonus!

Planet Mercenary: 3d6 Mayhem

Watchers in Death

NZ Starlord

In the underhive of Bellaphon III something stirs, a malign presence that has lain dormant for generations.
In response to rumors of warp disturbances, and mysterious disappearances Inquisitor Amberley Vail of the Ordo Xenos embarked upon investigations in the main under warrens of Tarsis Ultra, the capitol hive of Bellaphon III.
Last transmissions from the Inquisitor are garbled, what little that can be deciphered by the Astropathic choir speak of untold horrors beyond the imagining of mortal man, and of cults whose devotion and loyalty puts shame tothe Imperial Creed. Few outside the Inquisition have knowledge of what could be the cause of such devotion, but to the Ordo Xenos the signs are eerily familiar.
The Ordos has little choice but to resort to its finest and deadliest weapon. The battle brothers of the Adeptus Astartes, those who make wear the sigil of the Inquisition in place of their chapter marking, are recruited, for a time, from the many and varied chapters of Space Marines. Exemplars in the arts of killing all forms of foul Xenos, clad in the Black Power armour, and armed with the finest instruments of death found in any Imperial Arsenal you are the emperor's finest
You are the Deathwatch

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