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You’ve been on some benders in your life, but you’ve never lost two whole days. Everything is real fuzzy. The last thing you do remember is being called in on a job for CogniZance. They didn’t contact you through your fixer, they came direct; pretty unusual. CogniZance Corp are one of the biggest memory traders in the world. They sell other people’s experiences for the ultimate in reality entertainment.

People pay big bucks to experience the memories of celebrities, extreme sports athletes, famous musicians and porn stars. It’s become one of the most popular forms of entertainment in the world. But of course, like any new enterprise there are unscrupulous individuals who twist it for darker purposes. On the shady side of memory shaping there is Blemish, the memory black-market. You don’t even want to know the kind of memories that they sell on there. That stuff is for sick mother#&kers.

But what were you doing there? You don’t even remember what the job was. And now you’re sitting in a waiting room at CogniZance. Are you waiting to get paid? This doesn’t feel right. Suddenly you hear the buzzing of your ghost link. It’s a comms call from Cody your fixer. What does he want? “Okay, I want you to stay calm, but there’s something you need to know…”

Dystopia 23 is a neck-wrenching, eye-watering journey into the dystopian world of the 23rd century. It brings cyberpunk to life with scenarios of mystery, action and intrigue. This game uses the amazing new Dystopia 23 role-playing system. Check it out here: https://dystopia23.com/

Dystopia 23

Facing the Mirror


Let’s face it nobody likes the Megas, and the Celestium corporation are no angels, that’s for sure. You know this; your whole team knows this. And normally you wouldn’t touch them with a ten foot pole. But the payday is good, very good. Good enough to make you forget who you’re working for and think about all those shiny things you could buy. You were contacted privately through your fixer and even that short message is confidential.

Celestium, in their infinite wisdom have developed a new AI, but surprise, surprise it went rogue and has corrupted their entire network. They need this solved, and fast. Their Mirror is now completely under the control of the AI known as Hektor. No MegaCorp can survive for long without their virtual Mirror up and running. They contacted you, because you’re a known and skilled hacker collective.

In the bleeding sky your crew of hot-rodded Rig riders are going to have to navigate the virtual labyrinth. You’ll go deep into the heart of the Mirror where Hektor now creates the reality. Inside you’ll have to thin-slice, hack and crypto your way through the maze of his twisted artificial consciousness to subdue the virtual beast.

This mission will test your mental faculties, problem-solving abilities and maybe even your general knowledge.

Facing the Mirror is a cyberpunk mission based entirely in the virtual world of the Nexus. It uses the spine-twistingly awesome Dystopia 23 gaming system. You can find more details here: https://dystopia23.com/

Dystopia 23

Ghostbusters (NZ)


Ever wanted to set up your own Ghostbusters (TM) franchise in Wellington? Your opportunity is here!

You will have to fill in the required paperwork, disclaimers and liability charges, of course, and be ready and willing to fight all sorts of paranormal infestations and occurrences as required. Interested enquiries (both employment and otherwise) can be made to our offices, currently located above the Ho Chi Ming takeaway and laundry services. Please ignore the smell.

Basically, if you want to try out an award-winning, blast from the past, comedy RPG experience from the original and influential 1980s WEG Ghostbusters game, then please sign up.

Ghostbusters D6 dice pools (WEG)

Three goblins in a trenchcoat: The north pole

Bridget Hughes

You're goblins, sneaky, smelly goblins. You lie, you cheat, and you have a mission.

Christmas has just passed, and there's a labour dispute at the North Pole. The leader of your clan sees an opportunity to get in at the ground floor. Whether you're there as union busters, applying for a job, or just swiping whatever you can and setting the place on fire as you leave, is up to you.

This is a slightly modified version of the game "3 goblins in a trenchcoat" By Daniel Rodriguez. It's super rules light, there's no prep needed, and you get to wander around being goblins in (and out of) a trench coat, fooling those stoopid hoomans and elves.

While I don't forsee there being many triggering themes, we'll be using lines and veils and the X card in this game.

3 Goblins in a trench coat

Supers Anonymous

Bridget Hughes

It is a time of superheroes. Paragons of strength, justice, and freedom patrol the skies seeking to stop evil in it's tracks. The guild of heroes is organised into strings. The A string deals with planet wide threats, the B string deals with national threats, the C string deals with more localised threats and so on. The guild of heroes provides training, regulation, lawyers, makeup, and PR for heroes so they can focus on being beacons of virtue (and getting great endorsement deals)

But not every super is a hero, and not every power is wonderful. You are the G string: Supers with powers (or personalities) too strange, unstable, or ridiculous to be allowed to wander around loose, but who haven't done enough wrong that they can lock you up (yet).

The jerks at the guild would rather you didn't exist. They'd have you fetching coffee if there wasn't a solid chance you'd blow it up, so you've been banished to some backwater city. Your secret base is a janitors cupboard, and your companions are the residents of a retirement home that isn't all it seems. Maybe you want to prove yourself and rise in the ranks, maybe it was this or jail, maybe you have a score to settle, or maybe you just took a wrong turn and no one's told you what's going on yet.

This game leans heavy into the tropes, the more ridiculous the better. The goal isn't to win so much as to be as bizarre as possible while doing it.

We will be using lines and veils, and the X card. Pregens will be provided, but some customisation (as time allows) can be done. We may deal with themes including addiction, (comedic) nudity, and mental health, but this will be discussed before the game starts and we'll rule out themes that folks are uncomfortable with.


Reality TV

Bridget Hughes

A group of strangers compete for fabulous prizes on a reality TV show. Alliances will form, tensions will flare, bonds will be broken, heads will roll - Wait, what?

A modern fantasy/horror game that leans into the tropes. Plenty of room for comedy too. The object isn't to win the game so much as to play out the shenanigans, try to survive, or die amusingly trying.


The Lich King's Commission

Richard Love

King Valdern was a wise sorcerer king who ruled over a golden age of peace, artistry, and plenty.

That was three hundred years ago.

Two years ago, adventurers pillaged the old king’s tomb. In their haste for treasure, the tomb raiders broke seals that returned Valdern to the world as the evil Lich King. Since then, the Lich King’s armies of skeletal warriors have marched the land; each defeat suffered by the living swelling the ranks of the dead. Now only the capital, Heledon, remains.

Three days ago, the living King Barnardous the brave, and his sons, marched north with his remaining soldiers to meet the armies of the dead king in battle. No bodies have floated back down the river. This is a bad sign, and now the remains of Barnardous and his sons surely march south upon the capital at the side of the Lich King.

The only desperate hope left is you, the royal artists. You must save the kingdom by devising great works of art to present to the evil Lich King and awaken the wise soul of King Valdern.


Bright Lights of Aotearoa

Tim Crow

Their System Doesn't Work For You. Megacorps, companies grown so unstoppably large they defied governments, set laws, carved off land and set up militaries. Names like Alphabet, Xiao Heavy Industries, and Nutrimaxx are on all the shelves, with fingers in all the pies. They have power, money, and hunger. They don't have ethics.

Welcome to high tech, and low life. Everything is neon, chrome and dirty. The nights are never dark, neon reflecting from chrome adds telltale glints to everything. TIn the shadows cast by these corporations, you come in.

You're a person of professional skill: A Hacker, a Hunter, a Pusher, a Tech. You've got your wits, your will, a desperate need. You're scraping by, living and 'working' in the remains of what was New Zealand, before it was carved up and sold off. You do 'jobs', criminal activities sponsored by one mega corp targeting another. Deniable work done by disposable assets without real people getting their hands dirty.

You've gotten a call: It's a job, an extraction of a data scientist from Xiao Heavy Industries, and by the sounds of it they're all too ready to leave.

It's time to pack your ammo, booth up your cyberware, jack into the matrix.
Throw on a trenchcoat, gel up that mohawk, and wrap on some mirrorshades.

The Sprawl

The Elder Rolls

Chris Haddock

Yes you read that right. No it's not a typo.

The Elder Scrolls is a beloved videogame series, famous for broad open worlds, a tabletop inspired setting and bugs. Many Many bugs.

I've been working for the last half year or so I have been developing a tabletop conversion of the setting, as I was dissatisfied with what systems have been created. It follows a few core principles:

- The core experience of an Elder Scrolls game (free open world, developing your skills, collecting cheese).
- Engaging systems that are easy for a GM to run, and gives power to the players.
- Takes examples of the best parts of Elder Scrolls III, IV and V.

The system is at a point where I would love to get some feedback on how it works, and just try my hand at telling some tales set in the land of Tamriel.

This is a d100 system, most of the dice rolling is done using 2d10. Rolling under your skill rating lets you do what you want.

If you're a fan of the Elder Scrolls, or just want to help test out a new game system, please feel free to sign up! Read on for a brief blurb of what we'll be up to.

"The Nerevarine has brought peace to Vvardenfell, ending the Blight Storms and terror that came from Red Mountain. But the work was not over for Jiub, a former Dunmer prisoner and his companions. For the land of Morrowind was plagued by another terror, one that not even Nerevar Reborn could quell.

Cliff Racers.

Play as Saint Jiub and his companions as you seek to rid Vvardenfell of its most hated inhabitant. What surprises will await you as you carry out the holy work assigned to you?"

The Elder Rolls d100

Catventure Time

Nicoletta De Maio

Adventure Land. A world of excitement and peril, where hulking wheeled monsters sleep in their steel and canvas dens. They dream uneasy dreams, waiting to be reborn as the ivy slowly grows to engulf them all. They dwell in a place abandoned by humans long ago - a place since reclaimed by its rightful owners.

That'd be cats, of course.

Not the foxes and stray dogs that attempt to take over the place night after night. Not the pigeons and magpies from across the river either. And especially not those upstart rats that seem to infest every nook, cranny and corner they can get their grubby little paws on. Definitely not them.

No, the Great Idea favours quality over quantity. And it wouldn't be the Great Idea if it'd got things wrong now, would it?

Given your standing as a proud example of the feline species, you feel that things are exactly the way they should be. You're one of the chosen few. Defender of your favourite playground. Discoverer of the Sacred Duck Pond. Hero of the Mirror Maze.

Rescuer of...kittens?

Welcome to Adventure Land.

Call of Catthulhu
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