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LARP: Glitch

Lee Patrick

Greetings, crew and passengers of the Starship Lethe. We regret to inform you that your cryogenics have failed, and you are now awake. We further regret to inform you that there has been a computer malfunction regarding your memories. Please proceed to the central computer terminal to retrieve your memories. Or someone else's memories. Frankly, at this point we're really not sure whose memories are whose, what's going on, or whose fault the whole thing is. You're just going to have to sort it out yourselves.

Glitch is a card-based LARP about memory, politics, and identity.



Michael Foster

Welcome to the Edge.
Life here isn't always easy. The Mayor controls this city with a tight grip, aided by Agents of the dreaded Corrections Bureau and their faceless Automatons.
There's a war on too, and we all must be vigilant for signs of The Enemy. Their spies could be anywhere, or anyone. But our brave Navy are taking the fight to them and the new fleet about to launch will be the one that finally ends the war. The Mayor says it, so it must be true.
Life in Wartime means some stuff isn't so easy to come by, at least for the likes of you and I. Folks on the East Side never seem to want for much, but that's always the way of things. Prohibition is in force, but you can usually find a drink, if you know the right people.
And of course, you don't want to be outside when the Fog rolls in.

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