Wellington Anniversary Weekend January 23rd - 24th 2021


Bridget Hughes

A group of strangers compete for fabulous prizes on a reality TV show. Alliances will form, tensions will flare, romance will blossom, bonds will be broken, heads will roll - What, what?

Risus - The Anything RPG (super easy)

City of Mist

Conan McKegg

"Who Am I?"
That is the question burning in you.

"Am I these powers, powers that appeared in me for a reason I don't understand? Or am I my home, my job, my everyday life? Am I the things I love or hate?"

You don't know. You feel that there's a legend growing inside you, a Mythos, but it's a mystery to you. You're afraid to let go. There are things holding you back. Are you going to choose the life you know or be the legend you always felt you should be?

In this City, everybody is a legend but nobody can tell. There's something out there makes it all look ordinary. Something hides the truth. If you want answers, remember one thing: what you see it not always what's there. The read City is veiled, hidden from you by the foggy dream you call your life.

The city you see is nothing but a City of Mist.

City of Mist is an investigative urban fantasy where the PCs are superheroes given power by some ancient force within them. An avatar. But there is the Mist that obscures the truth. And there are other... things... stirring in the city. Forces and enemies that need to be exposed and defeated.

City Of Mist

His Majesty's Dragon

Karen Wilson

The Anglewing Pulcherrima and her crew, led by Captain Francis Blackmore are on the last routine patrol of your training when you are caught in a storm and separated from the rest of the formation. Suddenly. you are alone in the wilds of Scotland and faced with foul weather, frightened villagers and the threat of feral dragons as you try to return to your post. But what should you do about the rumour of mysterious dragon flights at the coast at dusk and dawn?



Tim Oliver

See http://bullypulpitgames.com/games/winterhorn/.

WINTERHORN: the code name of a small but passionate group of “peace and justice” activists. On the surface they project innocent, if misguided, zeal, but you know better. You’ve dealt with groups like this before, and there’s always a dangerous core. Gun-runners. Bomb-makers. People who deserve to be thrown in a dark hole somewhere.

As government agents, your goal is to nudge them into destroying themselves, using every trick in the book – black bag jobs, disinformation, spinning up rival front groups, and even escalating to vandalism and violence when necessary. Your mission, with the full force of the government behind you and time running out, is to get WINTERHORN’s members fighting like rats in a bucket. They need to fall apart before they can hurt anyone, and the state’s hands need to stay clean.

They won’t know what hit them.

WINTERHORN is a GMless live action game for 3-8 players about how governments degrade and destroy activist groups. By playing law enforcement and intelligence operatives working diligently to demoralize and derail, you’ll learn about the techniques used in the real world in pursuit of these goals.


Preliminary timetable

The preliminary timetable is up! You can view it here.

Room assignments aren't final, and there will likely be some changes over the next week (in particular, as we add the last few games), but most things should stay in the same slot.

Pokemon Emergency!

Nick Pitt

In this game, you and your friends become Pokémon trainers and set out on a series of exciting adventures. Journey from Pallet Town to Viridian City, looking for Pokémon to capture and battle to win! With each story-game you play, you and your friends collect Pokémon and gain experience in your quest to become Pokémon masters.

It's a game typically aimed at children 6-8 years old, so it's a REALLY simple system that plays a lot like a collaborative pick-a-path adventure. The fun from this game really comes from helping to create the world, defining who you are as a pokemon trainer and bringing fun RP to the table.

Pokemon Jr Adventure Game

The Odyssey by Homer as translated by Emily Wilson

Ruth Harper

A reading of Homer's the epic poem The Odyssey as translated by Emily Wilson.

The first great adventure story in the Western canon, The Odyssey is a poem about violence and the aftermath of war; about wealth, poverty, and power; about marriage and family; about travelers, hospitality, and the yearning for home.

In this fresh, authoritative version―the first English translation of The Odyssey by a woman―this stirring tale of shipwrecks, monsters, and magic comes alive in an entirely new way. Written in iambic pentameter verse and a vivid, contemporary idiom, this engrossing translation matches the number of lines in the Greek original, thus striding at Homer’s sprightly pace and singing with a voice that echoes Homer’s music.

Wilson’s Odyssey captures the beauty and enchantment of this ancient poem as well as the suspense and drama of its narrative. Its characters are unforgettable, from the cunning goddess Athena, whose interventions guide and protect the hero, to the awkward teenage son, Telemachus, who struggles to achieve adulthood and find his father; from the cautious, clever, and miserable Penelope, who somehow keeps clamoring suitors at bay during her husband’s long absence, to the “complicated” hero himself, a man of many disguises, many tricks, and many moods, who emerges in this translation as a more fully rounded human being than ever before.

This is not a role playing game. It is a reading of an epic poem.
The Odyssey is too long to cover in a single session. This session will begin at the start of the poem and will cover the first 6 to 8 "books". If the experience is popular the reading may continue at future Kapcons.

Iambic pentameter

Shiny Man

Michael Foster

The myth of the Shiny Man dates back almost to the beginning of New Mexico as a state. Where his face should be is a cold, shining light which freezes you on the spot and with his scaly hands the Shiny Man snatches up unwary children to put in his bottomless pockets.

Now it appears the Shiny Man has turned his malignant gaze upon the sleepy town of Grantsville, with reported sightings all over the place and local kids behaving oddly. But in reality it's probably just the recent news reports of a serial killer operating in the area which is fuelling the rumours, right?

Content warning: Best avoided if you're in anyway squeamish about bad things happening to children.

Grantsville light

Damn The Man, Save The Music!


A role-playing game about making a last-ditch effort to save something you love. You play a group of punks, outcasts, and weirdos fighting to save your ’90s indie record store from succumbing to the Man. You’ll work to find moments of meaning and connection while trying to achieve your own goal and meet your boss’s demands.
Can you appease a has-been rock star and find true love?
Can you sell enough CDs to make the rent and join a band?
You’ve got from 10 a.m. to midnight to try.
It’s very likely that everything will go wrong, but at Revolution Records, that’s business as usual.


Planet Mercenary: Target of Opportunity

William Huggins

The big fish of this small, dusty, backend of nowhere pond has a job for you. Unfortunately you owe him, and while his thugs are not near as scary as they think they are he does have a gunship and just now you don’t. He keeps his word though which means if you do this job you’ll be free of him.

That means either the job’s not nearly as easy as he’s making out - or it’s worth a whole lot more.


“Travel the Galaxy! Meet Fascinating New Life Forms, Then Kill Them!”

Set in the universe of the long running webcomic Schlock Mercenary, Planet Mercenary is a fast paced and hopefully humorous game about trying to make money by shooting people. Knowledge of the game system is not needed, knowledge of the comic is a bonus!


Planet Mercenary
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