Wellington Anniversary Weekend January 19th - 20th 2019

MotW: Zombieland!

Jenni Sands

That outbreak of mad cow disease that jumped to mad people disease and is now mad zombie disease? Yeah, that was a couple of years ago. It's too late to save the world, the world is definitely on its way out. But you can save yourselves! With guns.

Zombies are everywhere and you're just a rag tag group trying to survive... will one of you manage zombie kill of the week? Will you encounter a dead celebrity? Will you find true love? Forget it, Portland, it's Zombieland.

monster of the week

Full Moon Soup

Dylan Tiller

There is a cosy little hotel that sits along the river Elium called The Victorian. This hotel was built in the early 1800s and has been run by the same family, generation after generation. The family themselves own several hotels across Britain, and this is the only one with issues. Over the years the interior has been renovated and updated to match the modern world, while the exterior has stayed the same. However, once every three months the police receive a rather odd call from the hotel. Units are dispatched, only to return the next day with no recollection of what actually happened. Reports come in of massive destruction to the property, but there are no signs of damage the following day. The current owner, Mr. Francis M. Stewart, has requested our services in finding out what is going on at the hotel. You will pose as guests and infiltrate the hotel. Money has been paid upfront, with a bonus $100,000 each if you put an end to these mysterious occurrences. The last incident happened almost 3 months ago. Good Luck.

Monster of the Week


Michael Foster

Welcome to the Edge.
Life here isn't always easy. The Mayor controls this city with a tight grip, aided by Agents of the dreaded Corrections Bureau and their faceless Automatons.
There's a war on too, and we all must be vigilant for signs of The Enemy. Their spies could be anywhere, or anyone. But our brave Navy are taking the fight to them and the new fleet about to launch will be the one that finally ends the war. The Mayor says it, so it must be true.
Life in Wartime means some stuff isn't so easy to come by, at least for the likes of you and I. Folks on the East Side never seem to want for much, but that's always the way of things. Prohibition is in force, but you can usually find a drink, if you know the right people.
And of course, you don't want to be outside when the Fog rolls in.


An apology

One of our attendees has pointed out that, at Kapcon this year, we gendered the unisex bathrooms on the top floor of the convention. This made some of our trans and non-binary attendees uncomfortable. We unreservedly apologise for our decision in this situation, which was due to confusion over the remodeling of the school's bathrooms during the convention. One of the Kapcon values is a strong commitment to being welcoming to all our attendees, and we failed to live up to this value here. We've learned from this mistake, and it won't happen again.

Uncharted Worlds: The Falcon Expanse

Idiot Savant

You hit the jump button, the world turns inside out. On the other side of nowhere is the Falcon Expanse, a three day crawl across a dull transit system in the heart of a nebula. But instead of hot gas and pretty scenery, you have proximity alarms, a debris field, and a system full of dangerous wreckage. Who fought this battle? Who has survived? And what sort of a mess are they going to get you in this time?

"Uncharted Worlds" is a Space Opera roleplaying game of exploration and debt, powered by the Apocalypse. Players will select and customise their characters, including their relationship to the galaxy's key factions, before being dropped into an unpleasant situation which can only get worse. How they dig themselves out is up to them.

Uncharted Worlds

The Gorgon's Tears

Luke Walker

Gateway, a thriving port city of canals and commercial ventures, has of late been rocked with riots and uprisings after word of the emperor’s death spread. Many members of the city’s elite stand to gain much from the unrest and have lent aid to the agitators and rabble-rousers. This chaos shrouds the whispers that dark powers hidden in the city are on the move. Will the descendants of the men of Gog rise again?

Shadow of the Demon Lord is a dark fantasy RPG of horror and madness by Rob Schwalb, a designer on WFRP2e, D&D5e, A Song of Ice and Fire RPG and the Black Company RPG. Fans of Joe Abercrombie's First Law series will especially enjoy this scenario. The characters are a band of hard-bitten troubleshooters, living in a world darkened by the Demon Lord, risking corruption, madness, and death. Crimes will be solved, depravity faced, and nightmares overcome.

Shadow of the Demon Lord

Into the Aether

Paul Wilson

You could not believe your eyes as the merchantman came into view, fat with booty and ripe for the taking. Solar sails the size of buildings and shimmering with waves of energy. The crew were starving for the filthy lucre that they could take from the hold. Silks from Saturn, Plutonian Ales and arcanotechnology to fit the ship with.

You are the Privateer Crew of the RAS Grey Caller fighting in a space opera world. You will sail the archipelagos of the rings of Saturn, dive to the depths of the Neptunian seas and fight with the lizard men of Mars only to slip away into the Aether and avoid the reach of the Terran Navy.

A game of swashbuckling action and planetary romance.



Luke Walker

The gods have fallen and mortals have failed to make their own. A band of newly ascended demigods travel to the distant reaches of the Raktine mountains to discover the source of strange fumes that destroy city after city. The fumes shroud a mystery beyond their wildest expectations. They must learn how best to use the power that they possess to overcome what lies in wait for them.

This is a scenario for Sine Nomine's 'Godbound', an RPG of mortals granted the power of demigods. The scenario will involve fantastical locations and antagonists, weighty choices for the PCs, and high levels of action and drama. The rules are simple, using Basic/Expert D&D as its base, and suitable for both beginner and experienced RPGers.


Red Ball Express

Michael Charles

Imperial Operations on Typhon are stretched to breaking point, with supply lines coming under constant fire from the Heretic Traitors dug into the mountainous terrain. The main supply line, known as the Red Ball Express, is the most vital of these routes, being the only viable passage for the heavy vehicles of the Astra Militarum between the Landing Zone and the battle lines.
With heavy losses on the front, the survivors of the 92nd Cadian have been reassigned to guard duty on the convoys while they await desperately needed replacements. Little do the men and women of the Second Company know what dangers await them on the Red Ball Express
It is the 41st Millennium, and in the Grim Darkness of the far future, There is only war!

Only War

Kapcon flagship expectations

Every year since 2001 Kapcon has run a flagship larp. For the past decade or more we've decided on this game through a public process, soliciting suggestions for themes and through our NZRaG forum in the hope that some writers will be inspired. We then select whichever team comes forward with a pitch (in the unlikely even that two teams approach us, we'd have to select just one of them, and point the other one at our multi-headed friends Hydra and Chimera).

Our expectations for the flagship larp are that it be a a mass-market flagship game. Which means:

  • 3 hours long (we have an 8:30pm starttime and a strict exit time of midnight, so the game must be over by 11:30pm). This is non-negotiable, a constraint set by the school and the con format.
  • 50 - 60 players (based on 2016-17 attendance)
  • supports a roughly equal gender ratio (give or take Wellington skew) with good plots for players of either gender (NOTE: this rules out games which require half of our participants to crossplay)
  • fits in the game spaces we have at WHS (you can use 2 floors and the associated corridors, max; most games fit on a single floor)
  • appeals to a broad audience, including some 13-16 year olds (so the themes must be chosen appropriately).

The LARP is run on behalf of the Kapcon organisation. As a result, it must be open to all Kapcon participants who wish
to be included, within the constraint of the game size. GMs cannot exclude players due to personal objections.

A flagship-scale game is a lot of work, too much to be done by a single person. We therefore expect a team, preferably including at least one experienced larp writer. Most flagship teams have been three or four people. You will spend six months writing this thing, so its a good idea to pick people you get along with.

In terms of timelines, the flagship team must have a blurb and be ready to open for signups by mid-October. We expect the game to be cast a month before the con, which means before christmas. Character sheets should go out a week or two before play, in early January, and hardcopy character packs should be provided at the con. The game area will need to be set up on the Friday before the con, and may have players wandering through it on the Saturday. If required, we may be able to lock specific rooms containing props and sets to prevent spoilers, but our ability to do so is constrained by the needs of other games (basically, we need those spaces for tabletops).

For resources, the flagship has a budget of $500 to cover snacks, set-dressing, and printing. There are people in the community who can help you with set-dressing and construction, and we can help herd volunteers for setup. Packdown has to be done on the Sunday, and its normal to have some volunteers start the packup during rounds five or six. Everything must be removed by the end of round 7, at 9pm.

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