Wellington Anniversary Weekend January 23rd - 24th 2021

EAGLE COMIC: Tops in Photo Stories!

Morgan Davie

British kids adventure comic EAGLE from the 1950s was revived in the early '80s with a mix of drawn stories and stories made using the Italian "fumetti" style, with posed photographs of actors.

In this game, YOU will get to be the heroes of these photo-stories. You can be a deadly assassin, an undercover cop, a schoolkid who likes playing football! You'll learn all you need to know at the game.

I'm running this with a very easy-to-learn homebrew system. WARNING: you will be photographed when you play this game. You'll get bonus dice for posing for an action shot! (Photos will not be shared without permission, of course.)

Also I have no idea how this game is going to end so that will be fun for all of us.


Weird Inter-War World

David Lemire

On Alternate Earth the city of Al-Kahire (Cairo) is an internationally recognized "Free City" governed by all the Five Empires (New Atlantis, Europa, Osman, Mughal and Ming) equally. The city's governor, Prince Dmitri Amilakhvari, has sought to divert attention away from intrigue and corruption by opening up the hitherto cursed and tabooed necropolis of Ghiza to excavation (for some parts are buried in sand) and exploration. The necropolis lies ten kilometers west of the Great Pyramids and includes mortuary catacombs, subterranean temples, caverns, tombs of nobles, graves of commoners, and sites about which rumors and legends swirl.

One rumor avers that the long lost pyramid temple and tomb of the pharaoh Akhenaten has emerged from the sands.


Shadowrun: The Deck Job

Grant Robinson

Friday night is the time for fun, not for work, but creds are creds. So when your fixer calls to set up a meeting for 9 pm on a Friday night, you don’t argue. Well, not too much anyhow.“The Johnson is a Ms. Maggie Goldberg. I think you’ve met, right? Anyhow, get your cronies rounded up and meet her down at Miller’s Pub right away. She’s got a little problem with your name written all over it.”

Shadowrun is a game where magic meets man and machine, set in the not too distant future, where corporations run a world where magic has come back, you are Shadowrunners, the people caught in the cracks of the brave new world, with skills and equipment to do the tasks that no one else can do. Used as deniable assets in shadow wars between corporations, sometimes you can even do a little good in the world....

Shadowrun 5th Ed

Down Below


The job: Steal the Sceptre of Wonders from the Royal Treasury, deep beneath the Pink Palace, in the city of Anaxapajura, capital of the remote tropical island nation of Hcunanzamon. An impossible task, say most.
They don't know about the secret door inside though. On the other side of this door? The fabled place known as Down Below, a vast labyrinth of wonder and mystery, according to legend one of the last remnants of an ancient but advanced society who vanished abruptly thousands of years ago.
But there's a map, showing a safe path through the mysterious machinery, deadly traps and ancient guardians, which will enable you to escape beneath the city to the exit and be away on your waiting ship before the alarm is raised.
Of course, those rumours Down Below has been known to completely change its layout for no apparent reason whatsoever aren't true...


Eclipsed Veneration

James Boyd

The day turned dark and you knew it was time for your hereditary task. You took, sword, word and spell and traveled to the temple to join the others.
Now you carry the embers of the deceased Sun God. You must climb the mountains and bring them to the sky.

Now the Moon Lord tries to taint your god.

A game about ideas and trying to get what you want from a bad situation, not directly with player versus player but expect to clash with fellow players. Probably thoughtful but light-hearted.


One month to go!

Its one month till KapCon. Have you registered yet?

Currently signups are a little slow, but we're expecting them to pick up over the xmas break. Meanwhile we're still looking for games to round out our timetable, so if you'd like to offer something, please fill out the form here.

There are still spaces in our flagship larp, The Storm, but not for much longer: the logistics of larps mean that the GM will soon have to make decisions on which characters to cut. So, if you want to play it, sign up here.

That House on the Hill

Ryan Conroy

Shaftown is a rough town full of rougher people, but nothing really happens in the dreary little place. There's nothing special about the town or its inhabitants. Well there is that house on the hill..
No one really talks about the place unless it's in hushed whispers. It's just a weird house, no one has lived in it in years, and barely anyone can work out when it was built.
Yet a group of people find themselves outside its doors one fateful night, drawn to the place for one reason or another. What happens next. Well we'll just have to see won't we.

This game is about a group of people exploring an abandoned house where strange and mysterious things happen and is a prequel to a campaign I am setting up.

Savage Worlds

Planet Mercenary: What the Hell Do We Do Now?

William Huggins

You’ve gone from being a down on your luck band of misfits to having an old but remarkably functional warship full of stolen technology. What are you going to do with it?
“Travel the Galaxy! Meet Fascinating New Life Forms, Then Kill Them!”

Set in the universe of the long running webcomic Schlock Mercenary, Planet Mercenary is a fast paced and hopefully humorous game about trying to make money by shooting people, or in this case selling a bunch of someone else’s stuff. Knowledge of the game system is not needed, knowledge of the comic is a bonus!


Planet Mercenary: 3d6 Mayhem

Good Society: Will and Wilfulness


It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a single uncle in possession of a good fortune, must be in want of a favourite relative to inherit it all. Thus two cousins find themselves rivals for their uncles favour, but how much are they prepared to sacrifice for wealth and fortune?

Good Society is a collaborative tabletop roleplaying game that seeks to capture the heart, and the countenance, of Jane Austen's work

Good Society

D & D: Where there's muck there's brass

John A

It's another day in the bowels of Ravnica keeping the system moving. You're part of Golgari Recovery Squad 23 and you've got plenty on your hands in the miasmic sewers of this immense city. Your job is to recover what the citizens above didn't want to lose and dodge what they did. But your buddies have got your back and you're going in for another 10 hour shift. It's time to ship out.

D & D Fifth Edition
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