KapCon 2012

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The Baker Street Irregulars

Erik Andersen

“I often marvel at how much stock you place in those boys’ abilities. You really think they’ll be able to track down the culprit?”
“Probably,” said Holmes, reaching for his hat and cane, “but they are only one avenue of investigation I’m following in this pursuit. Come on Watson, the night is young and there’s murder in the air; we can’t
let them have all the fun!”

Wiggins walked from the door of 221B Baker Street excitedly, hiding the final shining coins about his person. He disappeared amongst the back street fog, whistling as he went. Soon the gang was gathered and Wiggins held out a coin for each of them, “Same old job boys,” he smiled, “go everywhere, see everything and overhear everyone.”


Tears of Vykyris

Luke Walker


Through the rain, he didn't taste the salt of your tears still lingering on her lips: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/14355510/Poster2.jpg

Like a Burst of Symphonic Colour, we danced to the Chaos of our Lives like our Fathers did before us: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/14355510/Poster3.jpg

All art by Wen-M (http://wen-m.deviantart.com) used with permission.

Anima Beyond Fantasy



It’s easy to feel alone as the shadows gather and the pale moon rises over the High Plains. The Cherokee say that on nights like this, the cold wind from the prairie has a mind of its own – a malignant chill, born of the darkness, which eats at your warmth, and steals all compassion.

It was a night like that when Barton Duvall rode into Tombstone. A night like that when they found what was left of little Alina Hundle –the few sad remains, barely recognizable, that Barton had left for her family to bury. And, it was a night like that when you realised that justice was more than a word bandied around by fearful shopkeepers – it was a necessity.

The year is 1880, and the posse is forming…

Sundown is a character-driven scenario of the old-west written to celebrate the 30th anniversary of Call of Cthulhu. It was originally run at Fright Night 5.

Call of Cthulhu 6th ed.

The Discarded


In 2172 AD the most repulsive mutant horrors were expelled from earth. For 14 long lonely years, you, the dribbling, infected, creatures of nightmare have been doomed to wander the solar system in a rusty shell of a space ship – The Kalistrate. No refuge to be found on any of the terra-formed planets. No place to call home.
In a society seeking the ultimate in physical beauty, what becomes of those who are less than perfect? A challenging role-play set in the future, confronting the roles of beauty and humanity.
Costuming: This is very open. There is one common theme: All characters have physical mutations of some kind.
This has NOT been designed as a combat game.


Call for games

So, its only four months to go till KapCon XXI, so its time to call for games. We've already got a few, thanks to the suckers wonderful people who offered early or were unable to avoid me at last years afterparty. But, as always, we need more. A lot more. Last year we ran 75 seperate game sessions, or about one for every two participants (we also ran about 20 sessions of Games on Demand). We're going to need about the same this year. Which means we need you to volunteer.

So, if you have a game idea, any game idea, and you're willing to run it at KapCon XXI, fill out the form. Please. Whether its crawling horror with Cthulhu, heroic fantasy in Lord of the Rings, a classic D&D red box dungeon crawl, or an intense family drama larp, with 150 gamers around, there will probably be someone who wants to play it. So please, step up, volunteer to GM, and help make KapCon XXI happen.

(GMs receive discounted entry and a free game pick for every session they run. We can also absolutely guarantee that in the event of Cthulhu rising from the depths, they will be eaten first. Which is better than it sounds, really).

Love Story

Michael Foster

It is the 1980s in Britain, Thatcher is more popular than ever thanks to her little adventure in the Falklands and life on the streets is grim. But Shraky, Don and Sunny Boy have chosen one way out, working as enforcers for crime kingpin Harry King. They're a tight crew with ambition and things are looking up when they're ordered to look into a series of attacks on Harry's business, Except now their unity is under threat when it's most needed, because one of them's in love...


Burying the Hatchet

Michael Foster

The London criminal underworld is ruled with an iron fist (wearing knuckle dusters) by Neil "Sharky" Baxter and all has been peaceful in his realm since he put an end to his arch-rival Vince "the Hatchet" Carver in a fiery conflagaration. But now someone is stirring up trouble and rumour on the street is that the Hatchet is back for revenge.
It's up to Sharky's top men; Don and his hand-picked gang of nutters Kev, Desmond, Lance and Weasel; to embark on a head-stomping, finger-crunching, face-searing orgy of violence to discover the truth and finally bury the Hatchet!


The Archmage's Crown


For nearly a century the necromancers of the Ebon Tower have plotted the fall of Arlandia. For nearly a century they have schemed their evil schemes and planned their evil plans. For nearly a century, they have been ruled over by a succession of Archmages, each aided by the power of a mystical crown. The crown grants power, and bonds instantly with its wearer. Whenever an Archmage dies, whoever first bonds with the Archmage's crown becomes the new Archmage.

Now the Archmage is dead, and a new one must be chosen. Who shall be the next wearer of the Archmage's Crown?

A Pratchettesque comedy-fantasy by Donna Giltrap, first run at KapCon XI. People who have played "The Golden Pegasus" and "Graduation day" may find some setting elements familiar.

Freeform / BURP

Games on Demand

Mike Sands, Simon Carryer, Steve Hickey, Hamish Cameron, Jenni Dowsett, Svend Andersen, Sophie Melchior, and more!

Games on Demand will be back in 2012.

You'll be able to come in, vote for games and play them as you have come to expect.

Here's a list of likely games on offer:

  • Dungeon World
  • Hollowpoint
  • Lady Blackbird
  • The Silver Kiss of the Magical Twilight of the Full Moon
  • Microscope
  • Left Coast
  • Monsterhearts
  • Primetime Adventures
  • Universalis
  • My Life with Master
  • Dogs in the Vineyard
  • Poison'd
  • S/lay w/me
  • Monster of the Week
  • Fiasco
  • Apocalypse World
  • Mouse Guard
  • 3:16
  • InSpectres
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