Wellington Anniversary Weekend January 20th - 21st 2024

Great Fantasy Bake Off

Jackie Brasfield & Jamie Sands

Ladies, gentlemen, gentlethem, and assorted magical creatures, welcome to the Great Fantasy Bake Off quarter finals! In this week's legendary challenge, our 6 remaining bakers shall venture forth into the mystical realm of Cake Week, where towering confections rise like the spires of Candlekeep and ganache flows like the mighty Dessarin river. As they conjure sweet spells and whip up buttercreamy enchantments, they'll face three legendary trials: the Signature Cake Quest, the Technical Battle of Bakes, and the Showstopper Siege of Sponge!

Who shall rise as the ultimate pastry paladin? Join judges Paul Waterdeep and Grue Leith as we whisk away our intrepid contestants to a land where baking and magic intertwine!


Noirlandia: Rossumĕsto

Ciarán Searle

The birthplace of Silicate Intelligence is in chaos. On the eve of their announcement to run for mayor, Karel Stork, a champion of both human and digital-sapience rights, has gone missing. As the grim search for Stork begins, the city erupts into riots.

Noirlandia is a character-driven system about uncovering a mystery, and the sacrifices you are willing to make to uncover the truth.


An Urgent Request

Paul Wilson

An Urgent Request is an adventure based on the Avatar Legends RPG - Young martial arts heros out to change the world

A royal wedding, a symposium and intrigue are all in play as the sister of the Fire Lord plans a major symposium highlighting the ideals of the air nomads in advance of her wedding but there is a plot to discredit the speakers and cause a ruckus.

It's up to the Heroes to save the symposium! Set in the Roku Era, this adventure is an action-packed race across the Fire Nation Capital, with PCs sent by Air Nomads to save the speakers before the worst can happen

Avatar Legacy

William Shakespeare's: Assemble, Ye Avengers

Ruth Harper

This is not a game ... it is a play reading from Ian Doescher's book William Shakespeare's Avengers The Complete Works.

What if the most epic cinematic fantasy of all time had been penned by the greatest playwright of all time? Wonder no more! In William Shakespeare's Avengers, the best selling author of the William Shakespeare's Star Wars series has reimagined the Avengers films as plays penned by the bard himself.

Each reader will have a small number of characters and a script in glorious iambic pentameter to read from. If you want a break from role-playing and enjoy reading aloud this is the session for you!

Shakespearian English

Monster of the week - Aro Valley Mysteries

Paul Wilson

Something stirs deep in Aro Valley, down one of those streets you walked past a hundred times.
People have started going missing and it is up to you to find out what is happening.

You always thought that guy at the video place looked a little too pale, that old lady with too many dogs, the guy who owns a fancy car but lives in that dilapidated house on the corner or was it the guys at the brewery looking for a special ingredient.

This is a Monster Hunting game set just a stone's throw away and right around now.

Are you brave enough to see what lurks in the shadows of the darkest parts of the valley

Monster of the Week


Dan Steadman

This is my standard which is to say that there is likely nothing standard about the game at all.

Monsterhearts is an exploration of teen melodrama through the eyes of monsters. Your character will go through the hell of Highschool and hormones in a state of oblivious disregard for the trail of damage they leave behind them as they find their place in the social structures around them.

The game is about being messy and cool in a world that doesn't quite get you and what is crucial in your life.

Think Teenwolf, Jennifers Body, The Coven, Mean Girls or Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

Apocalypse System

Hunting of the Snark


"They sort it with thimbles
they sort it with Care,
they pursued it with forks and Hope,
they threatened its life with a railway share,
they charmed it with smiles and soap."

A quest for an unknown creature in an uncharted land! a great but possibly incompetent leader! And there you are, after months of sailing, ready to find the Snark!


Arcane Crimes Division: Winterland


Arcane Crimes Division brings light-hearted buddy-cop style action to a fantasy city bursting with magic and thick with scheming villains and ruthless scoundrels. The focus of the game is the relationship between detectives, as they crack cases, engage in thrilling chases, and confront criminal masterminds.

During each shift (or game session), teams of detectives battle the clock, pursuing leads across the city to unravel crimes, and bring the guilty to justice, before it’s too late. While the detectives always crack the case eventually, should time run out, the villains receive an advantage in the final confrontation. At every juncture, detectives must decide whether to trigger their special abilities to boost their success, potentially risk causing collateral damage, that could see them both consigned to paperwork hell.

Play as a Siege Automaton, powered by magic and steam; a Spell-Runner, skilled at navigating deadly dungeons, a Crimson Court Vampire, ageless and unnaturally attractive; a Blade, acrobatic and fearless and many more. This game works best when detectives riff off their partners, so be prepared to collaborate and lean-into the genre.

Polarity is in the grip of a ferocious winter-blast. The conditions are so severe that the Mayor has declared a holiday for much of the city. Despite the ice and snow blanketing the city, the detectives of the Arcane Crimes Division are called out in freezing conditions to investigate a spate of crime:

  • A group of Ice Devils attack the Green Market causing panic among the frantic holiday shoppers; but who summoned the Devils and why?
  • Children from the prestigious Constellation College have run away. Can the detectives locate and return them before it's too late?
  • The enchantment providing perpetual summer for the sun-soaked boulevards of the Garden District has failed, but why would anyone want to target the Fairweather Society?
Arcane Crimes Division

Galactic Heroes


A gm-less free form narrative game that is loosely inspired by star wars.
So big damn heroes fighting against a galactic hegemony, as they see fit.

Galactic 2e

KapCon 2023 is delayed

We hate to do this again, but with Covid numbers climbing again and the risk of a christmas wave we have decided it is irresponsible to hold KapCon in January. We were already seeing a number of our regular GMs and players concerned and unsure whether they would come, and that makes bookings difficult. We know everyone will find this disappointing, as do we, but we are looking at what we can do to bring back the event next year.

We are currently investigating an alternative date around easter. We will also be exploring options for a digital stream for members of our community who cannot attend in person and are taking advice from people who have attended digital conventions or been involved in running digital conventions. Please get in touch if you have input.

We would like to thank all our GMs, who continue to prepare games for us, even when events unfortunately get cancelled. And all the players that are excited for a chance to come along and catch up again. We are hopefully going to be seeing you all again soon and getting a chance to experience those great games.

Once we've finalised an alternate date, we'll be in touch.

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