Wellington Anniversary Weekend January 20th - 21st 2024

Fight Or Fright!

Alex MJ

It was never going to be just another Halloween Night. Kitted Out with an impressive homemade costume, you and your friends set out for the school's Halloween Celebration, keen to end the night with the biggest pile of candy imaginable! Suddenly, the night changes - the school's decorations awaken with a strange power, and seem determined to throw the celebrations into chaos! However, that same power seems to have affected you, granting you the powers of your costume inspiration. Now, it's up to you to save your school and find out exactly what's been causing this!

Fight or Fright! is a Halloween RPG about the childhood desire to be someone special, wishing so desperately when you put on a costume to just become that character! You'll have to learn how to use these new abilities, or you might just lose yourself to whatever has caused these powers to emerge! The game is played with a simple shifting dice pool system, and no system knowledge is required. We'll start by creating some simple characters, and get into a short scenario based on the description above.

Intended to be spooky and fun, rather than horrifying, Fight or Fright is a Halloween Game for those of us who love spooky season, and love playing pretend. This game is actively being playtested, so there may be a few bumps along the road. But if you want to suit up as your favourite character and smash some awakened decorations, this might be the game for you!

Fight or Fright!

Arcane Crimes Division: The Forever Vow


Arcane Crimes Division brings light-hearted buddy-cop style action to a fantasy city bursting with magic and thick with scheming villains and ruthless scoundrels. The focus of the game is the relationship between detectives, as they crack cases, engage in thrilling chases, and confront criminal masterminds.

During each shift (or game session), teams of detectives battle the clock, pursuing leads across the city to unravel crimes, and bring the guilty to justice, before it’s too late. While the detectives always crack the case eventually, should time run out, the villains receive an advantage in the final confrontation. At every juncture, detectives must decide whether to trigger their special abilities to boost their success, potentially risk causing collateral damage, that could see them both consigned to paperwork hell.

Play as a Siege Automaton, powered by magic and steam; a Spell-Runner, skilled at navigating deadly dungeons, a Crimson Court Vampire, ageless and unnaturally attractive; a Blade, acrobatic and fearless and many more. This game works best when detectives riff off their partners, so be prepared to collaborate and lean-into the genre.

The Forever Vow
Wedding fever grips the city as the latest celebrity power-couple plan their highly anticipated wedding, uniting two ancient families that have feuded for centuries. But the course of true love is never smooth. With a slew of anonymous threats, reporters dogging their steps and rumours that both families are against the union, it will take the considerable powers of the Arcane Crimes Division to ensure this wedding goes ahead as planned.

Arcane Crimes Division

Twilight: 2000 - All my hope is in my magazine

Mason Warring

"We have maybe two days of food for all of us. The pickup won't get much farther before we're running on fumes. And LT's wound looks bad. He keeps fading in and out of conscious, but even when he's awake he's not talking sense. Dammit, he always knew what to do when the things seemed hopeless, but it looks like this war finally broke him."

In the aftermath of a last desperate attack against the Soviets, you and a few survivors find yourselves holed up in an abandoned farmhouse behind enemy lines. You were probably one of the lucky ones. What the hell are you gonna do to get out of this alive?

Twilight: 2000 is an alt-history post-apocalyptic military survival RPG. The Soviet Union never fell, and the superpowers went to war in 1997. The nukes began falling one year later. The world as we knew it is gone. You and your comrades, a mix of volunteers, draftees and civilians, have been fighting a hellish war in Poland for three years. One month ago, word came through from command about a big offensive, what they called Operation Reset. A last gasp of the superpowers to stab at each other. One week ago, the NATO offensive was crushed at Kalisz. The last words from HQ were "Good luck, you're on your own".

This is naturally a fairly dark game, especially given Putin's illegal war in Ukraine. These topics may come up during the game: violence, war, disease, forced labour, cannibalism, gory injuries, mental distress. Lines & Veils and the X card will be used.

The tone for the game is primarily serious, but a bit of dark humour is welcome to break tension. The only role-playing knowledge needed is being able to tell a d6, d8, d10 and d12 apart.

Twilight: 2000 4e

The Corpse-Chewer

Tim Oliver

Necromancy's fundamentally about making the world a better place. It's just like being a doctor, except you don't have to make small talk with your patients, and it's far more forgiving - if you cut off the wrong thing or sew something on the wrong place, you get another go at it.

This doesn't really make you the experts in figuring out who's stealing cemeteries, but that's what the Lich King wants you to do.

This is a 13th Age adventure about property crimes - 13A is a D&D variant that should feel pretty familiar.

13th Age

Skeletons on a mission

Sam Malcolm

The players play as skeletons that have awoken on a beach after their summoners castle base was attacked and they were knocked into a strong water currently bringing them to this beach at the bottom of the main island. due to the attack some of the players past lives experiences have started to flow back to them .unable to speak but able to communicate with each other due to a magical link. the players feel a bond to their master to return to the base and save him before he is kill or worse they might have to serve the attacker
Players will be given a base character sheet for their skeletons to build from.
This game isn't meant to be overwhelmingly deep and just to have fun with the idea of being a skeleton in a fantasy setting.

They system RULE OF COOL is a d20 based system with use of other dice from d4,d6,d8,d10,d12. this system is in a late working draft with the goal of getting it published along with addition material to compliment the system.
The system is mechanics heavy but is very intuitive once you get the hang of it and plays much like other d20 system games

Rule of cool

The Mustard Packet Gang Rides Again

Michael Foster

At university you were a tight-knit group, sharing a house and getting involved in some legendary hi-jinks, united by your love for the cheap packets of mustard found at your local takeaway joints.
But that was a long time ago, and despite promising to keep in touch, life has moved on, and so have you. Then one day you get the message, using the agreed code to indicate one of the group is in trouble and needs your help: We're out of mustard.


Into The Hidden Halls


2024 is the 50th anniversary year of Dungeons & Dragons, so I'm running the game that gave me my first taste of role-playing games: Basic D&D, 1981, right out of the pink box.

A dungeon has been discovered beneath the keep's guild house. There's treasure in there! Also monsters and traps and who knows what else. You're a party of brand-new 1st level adventurers, and you're at the entrance to the dungeon. Good luck.

(You can bring along your own character if you like, or make one when you arrive!)
(I have some personal rules changes and additions, that's how you do it old school style. But they're pretty minor. Moldvay, Morgue's Way.)

Basic D&D (1981 Tom Moldvay version)

Scavenging in Soho

Armydan (Dan)

A lone warrior watches in a wasteland as far as can be seen, his idling trike’s v8 ticking over slowly. A small lizard nearby licks his eyes, scampers forward and is brutally cut in two by the lightning fast reaction of the warrior.

His eyes squint behind dark aviator sunglasses as he pulls up a set of binoculars to focus on a distant dust cloud, blurry forms at first, but then into focus three vehicles in convoy. A vw microbus, a Toyota ute and a v6 mustang.

“Fresh meat” grumbles the warrior and then he lets out a loud whistle. Hidden in the ruins beside him emerge more warriors, some on bikes, others on makeshift carts and a whole pile on a ramshackle truck. The warrior mounts his trike and whistles a second time as the war party rolls out.

A game for a troop of 5 scavengers using the atomic highway system, battling to survive in a harsh post apocalyptic world. Expect intense chases, brutal violence, tough choices in an environment of illogical scarcity. Mood of the game is silly fun (beer and pretzels), but due to mature content R16. Triggers for violence and body dismemberment.

Atomic highway


Mel Duncan

It's a few years after the fall of the Soviet Union.
You're in a helicopter flying towards an old mine in Svalbard, far in the north.
A middle-aged white man with a midwestern accent is explaining that he works for an acronym agency you've never heard of and your team is needed to solve a problem.
A womans voice pleads in Russian in a recording.
You jump out of the helicopter, and run towards trouble.
Something goes wrong...
And you're in a helicopter flying towards an old mine in Svalbard, far in the north...

CATaclysm: The Crown of Clawford

Amanda Moffatt

The Setting:
The time of hoomans is long gone, leaving behind evolved cats that live in cities of their own making as the alpha species. Mommy Nurtur has bestowed upon the cats the ability to wield Meowgic as well as mundane weapons, stand upright on their hind legs, and wear the latest fashions. The world's cities are now comfortable and full of catnip, although there is still plenty of adventure to find in the great outdoors - especially around the ancient ruins full of dangerous Miasma that feed the vile rats, toads, snakes, and other villains.

The Game:
Players will each be playing a pre-made character that is part of the inner circle of King Clawdius IV in the great city of Clawford; sent on a mission into the wilds to retrieve something very precious to him that has been stolen. It is not a task he feels he can entrust to anyone else.

The System:
CATaclysm is an RPG that utilises a single d10 for any action that has a chance of failure. Health is tracked by a colour coded dial with four phases - Healthy, Stressed, Injured, and Dead. As the characters will be cats, Death is only temporary... until you've used up your ninth life! Puns will be encouraged and welcomed.

CATaclysm RPG
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