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The Wild Hunt


Satori Rejuvenation Retreat Centre

Come find yourself again! Cast off the stress and pain of the modern world and rejuvenate yourself under the expert care of Dr. Greg Satori, healer and spiritual guide. The Satori Centre offers week-long and weekend breaks and can cater for the needs of any individual, couple, group or organization. Located in the scenic village of Hesstock on the grounds of histoic Redvers House, the Satori Centre is your gateway to a better tomorrow.

The Satori Centre offers:

  • Yoga and relaxation therapy
  • Directed meditation
  • Quantum tunneling
  • Expert counseling and open expression
  • Celtic dreaming in the twilight of Wistman's Wood.

Dr. Greg Satori has trained under some of the greatest healers and shamans in the world. He has visited the Amazon, Tibet, Kenya and the Pacific islands and consolidated all these ancient wellness systems into one syncretic whole - the Satori Total Awareness Program. Become one with yourself.

As a special introductory offer, the Satori Centre is pleased to offer 25% off any group bookings of four or more. Contact our bookings office for more information.

The Laundry offers excellent psychological care to its staff, including where necessary enforced "wellness breaks" at carefully vetted retreats so they can escape the horror of being the world's only ISO 9001 compliant occult intelligence agency. But this means that some poor sucker has to vet those retreats.

That poor sucker is you. Along with your colleagues, you've been sent for a team-building holiday at the Satori Institute. You'll need to do a little work there to make sure that the staff aren't spies or cultists and that everything is safe for future groups, but that's really just a formality. Really, you're getting a fully paid-for junket to a quiet resort. It'll be hell...

The Laundry Files (BRP)

A Measure of Faith

Luke Walker

The Inquisiton has found the crusader citadel of Martyr’s Point to have fallen to the profane. Rumours of the ancient god-monster, Okka the Eater, spread as quickly as the plague that shares it's name. But the truth eludes those seeking confessions, despite endless nights of torture, and an elite team of witchhunters is called to root out evil and decide where the wrongness lies.

Shadow of the Demon Lord is a dark fantasy RPG of horror and madness by Rob Schwalb, a designer on WFRP2e, D&D5e, A Song of Ice and Fire RPG and the Black Company RPG. Fans of Joe Abercrombie's First Law series will especially enjoy this scenario. The characters are a band of hardbitten troubleshooters, living in a world darkened by the Demon Lord, risking corruption, madness, and death. Dungeons will be explored, depravity faced, and nightmares overcome.

Shadow of the Demon Lord

Night Terrors

Jenni Sands

Every night you have to listen to your kid, you have to pay attention to what they say and when they say ‘there’s something under the bed’ you have to nod and go find your baseball bat.

Night Terrors is a new game by Jenni Sands and Jack Newhouse, in which you as a parent discover that the monsters under the bed are real and they really really want to eat your children.

Think Little Fears meets Monster of the Week

Disclaimer: very new game; system may be a bit ropey, may be in playtest, but we'll have fun!


Experimental Error

Karen Wilson

You're excited to be the first research team to move into the new Salinger Building, but moving labs kind of sucks. It's tricky getting experiments to work in the new lab. There seem to be some teething problems with the building systems: lights flickering; brown-outs wreaking havoc with your sensitive equipment. You reckon the Megadairy corp lab on the top floor is hogging all the power. Their lights NEVER go out, even in the middle of the night. At least, not until the night of the blackout.

Monster of the Week

The Sun Over Mesa Amarillo

Russ Kale

The sun has been blazing over Mesa Amarillo all day, and you have been out in it, trying to find the perfect spot to camp. You are out and away from it all for two nights - away from WiFi, away from traffic lights, away from rent payments and breaking news. It's been hours since you've seen a Starbucks. Out here, it's just you, your friends, the desert, and the blistering sun.

Only... there's something else out here, too. Out on the horizon. And whatever it is, it owns this desert.


Behind the Mask of Evil


It is 2010 and United Nations Organization Mission in the Democratic Republic of the Congo has been trying to keep the peace for nearly 11 years. Now, the already fragile peace has been threatened by a reported massacre, suspected to have been carried out by a band of criminals known as the Knights of the Lord. A small group of UN specialists venture deep into the jungle of the Congo to investigate the suspected atrocity. What confronts them, however, is a much older and darker evil, buried and long forgotten in the Jungle.

EPOCH is a game of character-driven survival horror. The goal is to deliver a tense and scary experience in a single game session. EPOCH players are active participants in the creation of the game atmosphere and have complete control over the creation and ultimate fate of their character.



Jason Carruth

April 2013 in the sleepy town of Lost Creek, Missouri, the arrival of a stranger sets in motion a sequence of peculiar events. Maybe things are not as they seem, perhaps it is just a trick of the mind or possibly nothing…will happen.


EPOCH at KapCon 23

Once again we have a heavy presence of EPOCH at KapCon. For those who haven't tried it, EPOCH is a cinematic survival horror rpg, strongly influenced by the indie-gaming paradigm, by long-time KapCon GM Dale Elvy. It has quick character generation, and a game structure which pushes the story in the arc of classic survival horror movies such as Alien and The Thing. Last year the EPOCH GM's racked up an impressive bodycount - over 60 characters as I recall (and yes, they kept score). This year... well, it's really up to you.

EPOCH games at KapCon 23 include:

  • Road Trip - Dale Elvy
  • Mass Destruction - Dale Elvy
  • Crystal Wall - Igor Divjak
  • Red Gold - Igor Divjak
  • Home Front - Andrew Miller
  • Home Front

    Andy Miller

    March, 1941. As the German war-machine rolls on, Britain stands alone at the brink. In London and other major centres, the blitz rages and the country hold its breath and waits for the next attack. Though the threat of an imminent invasion may have passed, the country is still under siege, and many fear that it will on be a matter of time before the Nazis arrive.

    All of this seems a lifetime away from the picturesque village of Blakely. Here the volunteers of Blakely Home Guard patrol the village and keep a watchful eye out for a German invasion as the country’s last line of defence. Events, however, will soon bring even greater horrors to Blakely and prove that heroes can be found in even the most unlikely of places.

    EPOCH is a game of character-driven survival horror. The goal is to deliver a tense and scary experience in a single game session. EPOCH players are active participants in the creation of the game atmosphere and have complete control over the creation and ultimate fate of their characters.


    Monsterhearts Double Feature part 2


    What evil lurks in the near by high school, apart from teenagers of course, I have no idea. In part one of this double feature the weird and scary was unleashed, now your here to set things right. For those who are unfamiliar with these games they are both Apocalyse World hacks, the first with a focus on the more unhealthy aspects of teenage life and all the drama that entails. Think Jennifers Body, Teen Wolf, the Craft. The second game is more along the lines of Supernatural, Fringe and the X-Files.

    monster of the week
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